Sane-backends 1.0.19 released

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Sane-backends 1.0.19 released

m. allan noah-3
SANE-Backends 1.0.19 has been released. Changes since SANE 1.0.18:

New backends: cardscan (Corex Cardscan 800c), epjitsu (Epson-based
Fujitsu), epson2 (various Epson scanners), hp3900 (HP ScanJet 3970 and
more), hp5590 (HP ScanJet 5590 and more), hpljm1005 (HP LaserJet M1005
and more), hs2p (Ricoh IS400 series)

Updated backends: abaton, agfafocus, apple, artec, artec_eplus48u,
as6e, avision, canon, coolscan, coolscan2, dc25, dell1600n_net, dll,
epson, fujitsu, genesys, gt68xx, hp3500, ibm, lexmark, microtek,
microtek2, mustek, nec, net, pie, pint, pixma, plustek, plustek_pp,
ricoh, s9036, sm3600, sm3840, snapscan, sp15c, st400, tamarack, teco2,
test, u12, umax, umax1220u, umax_pp

Scanimage detects more chipsets.
Internal scsi, usb, tcp and udp code updates.
Basic HAL .fdi creation support
Build system updates.
Updated translations.
Documentation updates.

This will be (hopefully) the last release of the SANE 1.0 series. The
next release of SANE will be extended (in a backwards compatible
fashion) to support more features of modern scanners. Please join the
sane-devel mailing list to take part in the ongoing discussions of the
future of SANE.

Complete tarball (md5sum: 8c0936272dcfd4e98c51512699f1c06f) and diff
against 1.0.18 can be downloaded from or eventually from

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