SANE Backends 1.0.28 released

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SANE Backends 1.0.28 released

Olaf Meeuwissen-4
Hi all,

After 26(!) months, sane-backends-1.0.28 has been released.  You can
find the latest source tarballs and checksums on the [releases page][1].


That page also mentions a "Source code" pull down menu from which you
can download the git repository corresponding to the release.  Please
note that these archives do *not* include generated files such as the
configure script, files and more.

A nicely formatted version of the release notes can be found at the same
location but for your convenience, the "raw" Markdown has been included

### Backends

- adds a `ricoh2` backend
- adds support for 40+ new scanner models
- significantly changes `canon_dr`, `fujitsu`, `genesys`, `gt68xx`,
  `hp5590` and, `pixma` backends
- fixes bugs in `as6e`, `avision`, `mustek` and `plustek` backends
- fixes scores of compiler warnings

### Frontends

- adds, changes and removes options for `saned` (see `man 8 saned` for
  - adds: `-l` (listen), `-D` (daemonize), `-o` (once), `-e` (stderr),
    `-u` (user)
  - removes: `-s` (syslog).
    Use `-a -d level -o -f` for the old behavior
  - changes: `-d` (debug).
    Use `-a -d level -o -f -e` for the old behavior
- `saned` now cancels scans if the data connections appears to have
  gone away (after 4 seconds by default, configurable in `saned.conf`)
- adds `--output-file` option to `scanimage`
- adds `--help` option to `scan-find-scanner`
- changes `sane-desc` to create relative hyperlinks

### Documentation

- adds translations for Catalan, Hebrew and Valencian
- updates translations for British English, Dutch, German and
- marks unmaintained backends as such
- documents USB workaround in `sane-usb` manual page

### Build

- requires a C++11 compatible compiler for the `genesys` backend
- requires a JPEG library when building the `pixma` backend
- fixes unneeded linking when not using preloadable backend support
- disables pthread support for systems with non-integral `pthread_t`
- fixes USB support detection on BeOS and OS/2 at `./configure` time
- normalizes trailing whitespace in source code files.  If you have
  local patches that no longer apply, have a look at the whitespace
  ignoring options of `patch` and `git apply`.

In case you encounter any issues with this release, please contact the
[sane-devel mailing list][2] or [submit an issue][3].

 [2]: mailto:[hidden email]

Hope this helps,
Olaf Meeuwissen, LPIC-2            FSF Associate Member since 2004-01-27
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