Recent Linux USB issues with SANE

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Recent Linux USB issues with SANE

m. allan noah-3

I have just pushed commit 1207ce5a40664c04b934bd0a6babbc1575361356 to
sane-backends git repo.

This is a simplistic attempt to make our existing workaround for Linux
USB problems into a user choice. The default for this setting is now
off, unlike sane-backends 1.0.25, where the workaround was always
enabled. By setting the new environment variable
SANE_USB_WORKAROUND=1, the existing workaround will be enabled. This
does represent a change in behavior, but seems to be the proper
default given increasing numbers of user reports of problems with
recent Linux kernels.

If you are currently having issues with sane-backends after a kernel
or OS upgrade, please test this latest commit, and report your
findings. If you are not having problems, we would still like to hear
if this code works for you with the workaround not enabled. This will
likely become the default for the next release, please help us verify
its correctness.

This patch should apply cleanly to 1.0.25, if distros want to try
exposing this to their users.

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of my hand"

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