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Re: MICR/OCR document scanner support ?

Michael Talbot-Wilson
On Fri, 3 Jun 2005, m. allan noah wrote:

> it says OCR is done by software. this means it is likely able to
> take a traditional 'picture' of the document. this part could

But it only has to do OCR on the OCR-A font.  This should be a simple
task for which general-purpose OCR software and a 'traditional
picture' would be overkill, and too slow.  It reads the documents at
half a metre per second, printing on them and stamping them as it

It would be a non-flatbed application in which the OCR characters are
at exactly-known locations, and high throughput speed is possible.

> ... all the other things it does (reading micr, etc) and the actual
> OCR process cannot be done via sane, but perhaps by an external
> program (which you would likely have to write yourself)

In Cobol :-).

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