Experience with HP Scanjet G3110

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Experience with HP Scanjet G3110

Graham Freeman
I bought a HP Scanjet G3110 a few months ago. The description of the SANE support for this scanner is "basic" and that is accurate. I am using the hp3900 driver as provided with OpenSuSE (sane-backends 1.0.25).

I can show you what I get. First, here is a photo I have taken with my camera to establish a reference for comparison. http://freemans.id.au/images/photo-reduced.JPG The white background depends on the level of illumination so it will not allow a precise comparison with the scanned versions.

I have only used the back-end and not the application. When I scan with XSane and a high contrast setting, using 200dpi resolution, this is what I get. http://freemans.id.au/images/sane-colour.jpg

If I increase the resolution to 1200dpi, again with high contrast, this is what I get. http://freemans.id.au/images/sane-colour-1200dpi.jpg Note the separation of blue and yellow.

I realize that HP don't give you much assistance in developing your driver. Here is what I get using the supplied HP scanner software under MS. http://freemans.id.au/images/ms-colour.jpg

I have tried to scan transparencies (slides) using XSane and the colour separation is very severe and the results useless.


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