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Canon Lide 120


There's a few threads about the Canon Lide 120 already. Has anybody
gotten further?

In the last link, Stef speculates on the chip version: GL127, GL126,
GL125, GL124, GL8417. Any updates on that?

I've tried following the instructions in the link below, editing
genesys_devices.c and substituting "0x04a9, 0x190e" for the
"canon_lide_100_model", and in a second and third try the
"canon_lide_110_model" and "canon_lide_200_model". sudo scanimage -L
still did not identify anything.

Any other ideas here? Have others made more progress?

I'm on Debian 7.


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Re: Canon Lide 120

Pavel Sayekat
Now its working, atleast at 300 dpi, I tried with frontend gscan2pdf with latest backend from sane-git, thanks to Stef.