Adding Canon ImageFormula DR-2020U support

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Adding Canon ImageFormula DR-2020U support

Bartłomiej Żogała
Current status unsupported

[300168.897925] usb 8-1: Product: CANON DR-2020U
[300168.897931] usb 8-1: Manufacturer: CANON

usbid: 1083:1625 Canon Electronics, Inc.

Canon provided linux driver, 386 only, probably not supported.
The driver consists of sources depending on sane, some configs and two stripped 32-bit ELF binaries:

The name suggests in should be supported by canon_dr, but the DR2020U binary references internally another USB VID and PID Vid_1083&Pid_162e which is for Canon ImageFormula 101, supported in /etc/sane.d/genesys.conf , 
I'm ready to test it but it's visible by sane-find-scaner and not by scanimage -L.

The same binary also refers IC UPD8894CY which according to aliexpres is CCD Linear Image Sensor.

My questions:
1. Could somebody tell why Canon DR-2020U is unsupported ? From some reason you are unable to support it, or it's due to lack of resources ? on website there is info: "GL84x?" What does it mean ?
2. Is that chip the one you require to termine how to handle this device in backend or do I need to disassembly?
3. Trying to compile driver with propertiary binaries I stuck at:
 *** No rule to make target `../../sane-backends-1.0.19/sanei/sanei_net.lo', needed by `'.  
Is this problem with SANE?
4. How can I help you with development? - I have programming, electronic, disassembly and RE general skills, have physically that device. Don't have deep knowledge about sane backends architecture and how Canon proprietary implementation is consistent with that.

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